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ABLOY Protec 

abloyABLOY PROTEC features long lasting legal and physical protection against unauthorised key duplication, a full metal, colour coded key with lifetime warranty against breakage in normal use, and the recognised ABLOY attributes of physical security and durability. 

ABLOY PROTEC is recognised as the premium high security mechanical lock system available, and is used extensively by private, commercial and government end users who demand the ultimate in high security master key systems.

ABLOY PROTEC is SCEC Endorsed for Secure Area Applications. The strong, one-piece metal key ensures against expensive on-going key replacement, and the absence of pins and springs provides unmatched resistance to wear and corrosion of internal parts.  ABLOY products are built to last.














  • New patented rotating disc mechanism
  • Unique disc blocking system DBS™ by return bars
  • New cylinder construction makes ABLOY® PROTEC virtually pickproof
  • No springs, pins or other parts to wear out
    Superior master-keying possibilities
  • Smooth, durable and reliable operation that is resistant to both dirt and freezing
  • Strict key control: duplicate keys only with the key card
  • Key blanks protected by world-wide patents
  • Keys are cut using a dedicated ABLOY® key-cutting machine
  • All metal key
  • Convenient reversible key
  • Colour insert for easy identification
  • The key meets no resistance when it is inserted
  • Virtually no key wear: no broken, bent or worn keys
  • Key cuts on two radii (2RTM)

Areas of Applications: 

  • Private homes
  • Apartment buildings
  • Business and industrial sites
  • Hotels and lodging
  • Schools, universities and clinics
  • Office buildings, public authorities, museums
  • Power utilities, public transport 



With absolutely NO WIRING required this new keying system can replace existing mechanical keying systems offering all the functionality of an access control system at the fraction of the cost of hard wired alternatives.

ABLOY PROTEC CLIQ intelligent cylinder system presents a hybrid electromechanical locking solution, which offers the ultimate synergy between the tried-and-true reliability of superior mechanical keys and cylinders and the programming sophistication and flexibility inherent in electronic locks.

PROTEC: Mechanical locking reliability
It begins with the field proven mechanical ABLOY PROTEC locking system that provides extreme levels of security. The unique construction of the ABLOY PROTEC rotating disc cylinder makes it virtually pickproof. Keys and disc use a principle where cuts are made in two different radii. In addition, a unique disc blocking system with two return bars insures against manipulation. The special construction of the mechanical ABLOY PROTEC key makes it virtually impossible to duplicate, a dedicated ABLOY key cutting machine is also required to cut any additional keys. The ABLOY PROTEC cylinder not only meets but exceeds international standards for high security, including an unconditional SCEC endorsement for secure area government applications.

CLIQ: Electronic innovation
In addition to this state-of-the-art, patent-pending mechanical locking system, ABLOY has integrated ASSA ABLOY's innovative and proprietary CLIQ technology, based on highly miniaturized data encryption electronics that can be embedded directly inside the key and core of a cylinder, which make for an electromechanical system that is intelligent, flexible and highly customizable.

  • The ABLOY PROTEC CLIQ key contains a unique electronic I.D. code, designated for one individual only, that cannot be duplicated, altered or corrupted. A replaceable, longlife battery is also inserted into the key and serves as the sole power source for the entire key and cylinder system.

  • The electronic mechanism embedded in the cylinder, is a self contained unit. This translates into no wiring whatsoever. Consequently, the highly intelligent cylinder installs with ease like any normal cylinder, making it a pleasure for locksmiths accustomed to dealing with standard international profiles and customers who want to benefit from sophisticated locking systems - without reconstructing doors and wiring entire building

SCEC endorsed for Secure Area Applications
Conditions of endorsement: Any use of the access control function of CLIQ system will require control and secure storage of the programming terminal commensurate with maximum level of material it is protecting, including network security of any connection terminal and database to that level.