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the new visionary locking device

The Australian Lock Company is proud to introduce Galaxy, our latest range of security systems developed in response to corporate and business demand for secure and safe work premises.

Manufactured using the very latest techniques and the highest quality materials, the Galaxy range provides a revolutionary approach to high security locking. With subtle technical improvements and considered design, Galaxy offers a host of previously unseen attributes to benefit end user and locksmith alike.

Distinctive Design Features 

The new and innovative Galaxy is designed and built for convenience and efficiency while maximising security.

Providing a greater depth of combinations that most other locks on the market, Galaxy's vast range of core options makes retrofitting existing locks simple and recombinating quick and easy.

Its streamlined design eliminates the need for tumbler pins and/or coded discs to create permutations. The unique simultaneous cutting of both key and codebar using a Computerised Numerical Control (CNC) machine, increases production efficiency and reduces the likelihood of error and increases difficulty to duplicate.

Galaxy has incorporated a combination of 316 stainless steel and high speed steel to create a formidable lock. The versatile Galaxy key is super strong and offers wide-ranging colour options for quick and easy identification.




The patent life on the Galaxy extends to 2024. Australian Lock Company recognises the importance of patents to protect the client, agent and manufacturer from copying and therefore exposing the market to reduced security through inferior quality product. We are also protecting our Galaxy range with numerous Patent applications across the world.


Australian designed, developed
and manufactured

Galaxy stands in the marketplace as an Australian designed, developed and manufactured product. Only the Metal Injection Moulded (MIM) components are manufactured for us by the world leaders in this field.