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Schlage EVEREST 

SchlagelogoPatent Protected. Key control is important for the integrity of your building’s security. The utility patent protects against unauthorized key duplication. This means it is a violation of federal patent law for anyone but Schlage to manufacture these key blanks into the year 2015.

SchlageKeyMaster Keying Capacity. The 7 pins provide 16,383 theoretical change keys per keyway.

Convenience. Interchangeable cores allow instantaneous rekeying by non-locksmith personnel when a key is lost or stolen.

Flexibility. Schlage can now upgrade the key control in the diverse base of installed locks manufactured for 7-pin Best style cores. For those who want to keep their existing key system, Schlage offers the chance to upgrade the hardware with a variety of lock products to accommodate the small format core.

Schlage Quality. Schlage produces the finest quality commercial cylinders which includes features such as thicker, stronger nickel silver keys, precision construction, and finish standards that are second to none















Schools, universities, hospitals, industrial sites, office and commercial buildings, and wherever key control is a priority.


Pin tumbler with two nickel silver keys per lock. Cores may be master or grand master keyed.

Benefits & Features

  • 7-Pin cores

  • A utility patent to protect keys against unauthorized duplication into the year 2015.

  • The ability to retrofit all 7-pin Best style locksets.

  • A wide variety of compatible Schlage locksets.

  • Individual pin chamber caps for ease of re-keying.