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Domestic and Residential

Securing your home is a concern to all households. Without the correct security options you leave your valuables and yourselves at risk.

Hildebrandt’s offer a complimentary security survey to assess the best options to maximise the defence of your property.


We offer a vast knowledge of building codes and regulations to comply with fire laws and stock a huge range of different product for perimeter doors and windows.


In addition to physical protection we offer wireless domestic alarm kits backed up by back to base monitoring at extremely competitive prices.

We also specialise in CCTV and video intercom systems with gate release for larger gated premises.


As an asset manager your responsible for providing the best security solutions for your property. Hildebrandt Locksmiths combine over 65 years of experience to create an intelligent overall security package. We follow best practice OH&S for all works conducted and carry all current insurances as required by law.

All tradesmen are qualified and carry all required licenses


Hildebrandt locksmiths provide service to some of retails biggest names quietly and discretely helping secure their stores throughout Australia, New Zealand and South East Aisa.


We provide a range of security services including the supply design and installation of high security masterkey systems. Hildebrandt’s have designed these systems so state and area managers have the ability to open any store at any time with one key.


Keys are stamped recorded and issued to the end user so all keys are accounted for and auditable at any time. Additional entry point locks are also supplied and installed to vulnerable doors preventing any ‘weak points’ to your retail store. We offer a complementary security audit to identify these potential problems. In addition to store entry solutions we also specialise in keyless access solutions for store rooms and high use doors, avoiding the need to issue keys within the store to staff. Either mechanical or electronic keyless locks allow for high traffic doors to easily have their entry code changed on a regular basis without the need to reissue keys.


We supply & install a wide range of cash management safes ranging from basic deposit safes to high security time delay safes with monitoring capabilities linked to cameras and alarm systems.


CCTV solutions also allow for constant monitoring and recording together with alarm systems and monitoring for your retail store. We work with most of the major shopping centres and our tradesman have all necessary OH&S and insurance details available to make your request for service as smooth as possible.

Backed by our team of experienced tradesman your emergency is our specialty, we get there fast and solve your problem in the smartest way possible.


Hildebrandts have been dealing with government and public utilities since its inception , it’s what we specialise in.

Our experience in designing and implementing high security masterkey systems for government installations is second to none with some of Sydney’s largest government installations secured by Hildebrandt Locksmiths keying systems.

We offer not only our experience and knowledge but pride ourselves on our continual ongoing service to systems installed throughout not only NSW but Australia wide via our network of Masterlocksmiths.

We have processes in place in order to maintain and develop the largest key systems with the assurance of our company having been in operation for over 60 years.

We also understand the requirements under state law for OH&S compliance and adhere to all regulations required for our industry giving you peace of mind.

Please contact us if you wish to benefit from our knowledge and experience.

ABN: 30 003 719 846

Master Lic No. 407839570